Message From Former Principal and Founder

Desa Maanya, Lanka Puthra, Saama Shree, Thajul Ulama Ashsheik Marhoom  Al-Haj K.M.M. Halaaluddeen (Misbahi)

From his heart,

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

I should express my heart full grace and praise to all mighty allah who gave the idea to found this Manarul Huda Arabic college and guide me to create Ulamas and Hafizs. It gives me great pleasure to see that not only the villages but also neighbor villages and all Muslims in the island are gaining the guidance of the Islam by the time for the great demand for the Ulamas before 30 years ago in Divurumpola and neighboring villages. Even this foundation is formed and functions within short period with the limited resources now academy consist with lots of facilities. I’m sure that the reasons behind this success is not more than the hard work of the administration, staff and the students and also funds given by the villagers, politicians, friend and well wishers. Alhamdulillah, it’s very easy to aware the value of our Arabic College through the facility of starting our website. I’m not starting this Arabic college for a short time. My aspiration is this service should continue until Kyaama to this community. So I humbly ask from all of you to help the standpoint and our Arabic college development. And my best wishes to all pass out Aalims and Hafizs. I use this opportunity to thanks all, who helping me to function this Arabic college successfully.

Allah May Bless all of us in both life of Dunya and Aahiraa.